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SHRM Foundation Shaping The Future of HR

    January 21, 2015

    SHRM Foundation We encourage our memebers to donation to the foundation.
    Suggested Donation

    Yes! I want to support the SHRM Foundation with a tax-deductible contribution of:
     $25  $50  $100  $250  $1,000

    SHRM Foundation
    P.O. Box 79116, Baltimore, MD 21279-0116
    or donate online at

    The SHRM Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonpro t organization.
    Employer ID # 34-6610067. Your gift is tax-deductible to the
    full extent of current law.

    SHRM Foundation
    1800 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 USA
    P: (703) 535-6020

    Shaping the Future of HR

    Virginia Fundraising Notice: A Financial statement for
    SHRM Foundation, Inc. is available upon request from
    the Virginia Office of Consumer Affairs in the
    Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services,
    P.O. Box 1163, Richmond, VA 23218.

    Our donors are members of a rare circle of knowledge that benefits both their careers and their organizations.
    Contribute today and become a champion for the HR profession!

    Our vision is a world of inspired business leaders implementing the winning combination of employee fulfillment and business success. To help reach that vision, we award more than $170,000 annually in education and certifcation scholarships, in addition to the Susan R. Meisinger Graduate Fellowship, to help develop human resource leaders who will shape the future of the workforce. To honor those who inspire the next generation of
    leaders through teaching and research, we offer the prestigious Michael R. Losey Human Resource
    Research Award and the Student Chapter Advisor of the Year Award.

    “The SHRM Foundation is Shaping the Workforce

    As the leading funder of workforce research, our
    relevant, high-impact, and original research advances
    the knowledge base of the profession and provides
    actionable insight for HR management practice.

    We offer:
    • Effective Practice Guidelines: This series presents
    important research  fndings in a condensed, easy-touse
    format for busy HR professionals.
    • DVD Series: Through interviews with top executives,
    these educational DVDs present real-world case
    studies of strategic HR in action.

    • Executive Briefngs: These briefngs summarize
    relevant human capital research and expert opinion
    to provide a concise overview of each topic.
    These resources, used in hundreds of SHRM chapter
    meetings and college classrooms worldwide, are

    We encourage your  financial contribution
    to help us continue shaping the future of HR.
    “Contributing to the SHRM Foundation contributes
    towards my career and knowledge base. The Foundation
    shapes the future of HR by funding projects directly
    impacting HR professionals, both present and future.”