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Lead Positive by Jon Gordon


    If you want to maximize your influence and build a great team and organization, you need to lead positive. It's what makes great leaders great. In this spirit here are 20 ways you can lead positive, starting today!

    1) Build a great culture by living your values and valuing your people.  

    2) Care more. A leader who cares builds a team that cares.  

    3) Build trust. Do what’s right. Integrity and honor matter.

    4) Consistently share the vision and mission and rally your team to create it.

    5) Believe in your team more than they believe in themselves.  

    6) Serve those that you lead. When you serve their growth they will help your team and organization grow.  

    7) Provide both love and accountability.

    8) Transform problems into opportunities and complaints into solutions.

    9) Unite instead of divide.

    10) Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. Where there is a void in communication negativity will fill it.

    11) Pursue Excellence. You don't have to choose between positivity and success. Being positive and pursuing excellence leads to success.

    12) Don't focus solely on the results. Focus on your people who drive the results. If you want great fruit invest in the root.

    13) Lead with purpose. Every organization has a mission statement but only the great ones have people who are on a mission.

    14) Change the environment instead of allowing the environment to change you.

    15) Connect one on one with your team. You can't lead someone effectively if you don’t know them.

    16) Don't allow negativity to sabotage the team and organization. Address it and seek to transform it.

    17) Listen more.

    18) Praise more than you criticize. Encourage. Celebrate others. When you focus on what your people are doing right they will do it more often.  

    19) Clarify. Simplify. Identify what matters most. This leads to focused action and generates positive results.

    Life is fragile.  We don't know what tomorrow will bring.  Make the most of today!  Love life.  Love people.  Serve others.  Care more.

    Jon Gordon