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    November 24, 2021

    If you want to maximize your influence and build a great team and organization, you need to lead positive. It's what makes great leaders great. In this spirit here are 20 ways you can lead positive, starting today!

    • Build a great culture by living your values and valuing your people. 
    • Care more. A leader who cares builds a team that cares. 
    • Build trust. Do what’s right. Integrity and honor matter.
    • Consistently share the vision and mission and rally your team to create it.
    • Believe in your team more than they believe in themselves.  
    • Serve those that you lead. When you serve their growth they will help your team and organization grow.  
    • Provide both love and accountability.
    • Transform problems into opportunities and complaints into solutions.
    • Unite instead of divide.
    • Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. Where there is a void in communication negativity will fill it.
    • Pursue Excellence. You don't have to choose between positivity and success. Being positive and pursuing excellence leads to success.
    • Don't focus solely on the results. Focus on your people who drive the results. If you want great fruit invest in the root.
    • Lead with purpose. Every organization has a mission statement but only the great ones have people who are on a mission.
    • Change the environment instead of allowing the environment to change you.
    • Connect one on one with your team. You can't lead someone effectively if you don’t know them.
    • Don't allow negativity to sabotage the team and organization. Address it and seek to transform it.
    • Listen more.
    • Praise more than you criticize. Encourage. Celebrate others. When you focus on what your people are doing right they will do it more often.  
    • Clarify. Simplify. Identify what matters most. This leads to focused action and generates positive results.
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