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    Shoals Safety & Health Association

    Date: May 11, 2016, 12:00pm
    Shoals Safety & Health Association
    Donna and Friends Restaurant
    Avalon Ave Across from Muscle Shoals Elementary
    Food Ordered from Menu
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    Thank you for your support and continued efforts in the field of safety and environmental.
    1. SSHA Dues changed to $20.00 per year please send in or pay your dues at the next
    2. New Year of exciting events and updates on safety in the shoals and the opportunity to
    share with all the safety concerns in our community.
    3. Please send emails to for articles and posting of events you
    would like distributed via our newsletter.
    Disclaimer: The information provided in these articles are provided as information only and do not give
    anyone the right to use them or hold SSHA responsible for the information contained in the articles. These
    statements do not reflect any views of the members or officers of the SSHA. Information is provided for
    amusement only. SSHA is an organization providing information for the benefit of its members. Information
    contained in this newsletter is drawn from the official OSHA web site and other sources.

    Training Resources
    If anyone is interested in getting training and information please use the contact info below;
    Robert B. Tomlinson, CHMM
    Alabama Technology Network

    Don Sharp President
    Tri-Cities Manufacturing, Inc.
    PO Box  558 
    801 Missouri St. Hwy. 43 South
    Tuscumbia, Al  35674