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01/2021 Meetings & Events

    January 2021
    Date Event Type
    January 14 Shoals SHRM Monthly Meeting Building Trust Meeting
    February 2021
    Date Event Type
    February 11 Shoals SHRM Legal Update Changes in 2021 Meeting
    February 16 Postponed-Legislative Symposium February 24, 2022 & Sponsorship Meeting
    February 17 to February 18 Strategic HR Pragmatic Lessons for Effectively Leading Change During Crisis Conference
    February 17 to February 18 Strategic HR Pragmatic Lessons for Effectively Leading Change During Crisis Conference
    February 17 to February 18 Strategic HR Pragmatic Lessons for Effectively Leading Change During Crisis Conference
    February 23 What Employers and Insurers Must Know: Current COVID-19 Issues in the Workplace Meeting
    February 24 Higher Standard HR's Courageous Role In Influencing Change Workshop
    February 25 HR professionals the competencies for business acumen.
    February 27 University of North Alabama - SHRM Learning System For SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP Certification Preparation Course
    March 2021
    Date Event Type
    March 4 HRCI Alchemizing HR: How HR Leaders Can Build a Leadership Development Culture Meeting
    March 8 to March 9 Hacking HR's 2021 Global Online Conference Conference
    March 11 Shoals Chapter Webinar Out of Sight Yet Still Virtually Productive: Effectively Managing Employee Performance During COVID-19 Meeting
    March 15 SHRM Board Meeting - March 2021 Meeting
    March 18 Alchemizing HR: HR’s Evolving Role in Shifting Culture and Improving Performance Meeting
    April 2021
    Date Event Type
    April 8 Shoals Chapter Safety Update and Changes 2021 Meeting
    April 13 SHRM TUNE IN TUESDAY APRIL 13 12 PM Meeting
    April 20 WORKFORCE WEBINAR Meeting
    April 21 to April 22 SHRM Essentials of Human Resources Course-University of North Alabama - Workshop
    April 21 Shoals Safety and Health Association Meeting
    April 22 to April 28 Power of Positive Summit-Jon Gordon Conference
    May 2021
    Date Event Type
    May 4 to May 5 ALSHRM HR Conference May 4 & 5, 2021 Birmingham Alabama Conference
    May 11 to May 31 SHRM's Recertification Credit Guide May 2021 Meeting
    May 13 Shoals Chapter Webinar IDENTITY THEFT AND FRAUD Meeting
    May 13 Future-Ready: Leading Breakthrough Performance in the New World of Work Meeting
    May 19 Shoals Safety and Health Association Meeting Meeting
    May 20 HR: Making Talk Count Meeting
    May 27 Corporate Social Responsibility Webinar-Data Facts Meeting
    June 2021
    Date Event Type
    June 1 to June 4 INSPIRE Virtual Symposium
    June 8 to June 30 SHRM CREDITS JUNE
    June 10 Shoals Chapter Webinar The HR Leader Toolbox: Risk Resilient Strategies for Business Continuity and Sustainability
    June 10 Creating Strategic Advantage through Business Continuity Planning
    June 16 Shoals Safety & Health Association Meeting Meeting
    June 16 The New War For Talent: Implications for Succession Planning Meeting
    June 17 Higher Standard: How Organizations Return, Re-Engage, Re-Train and Retain Their Workforce Meeting
    August 2021
    Date Event Type
    August 12 "Emotional Intelligence: Why Emotions Propel People and People Propel Performance"
    August 15 to August 18 Tennessee Conference & Exposition Conference
    August 18 Shoals Safety & Health Association Meeting Meeting
    August 18 Shoals Safety & Health Association Meeting Meeting
    August 19 The Best of Alchemizing HR [Replay]: Ethics, Developing Courage as an HR Professional Meeting
    August 31 Covid-19 Issues Meeting
    September 2021
    Date Event Type
    September 9 to September 12 SHRM ANNUAL CONFERENCE & EXPO 2021 LAS Vegas, NV Conference
    September 9 Values-based Leadership and Its Impact on Fair and Inclusive Work Environments Meeting
    September 14 Embedding a Coach Leadership Culture Into Your Organization Meeting
    September 16 Competencies for the Future Chief People Officer Meeting
    September 21 to September 22 AlabamaWorks! 2021 Virtual Conference: Building a New Normal September 21-22, 2021 Meeting
    September 30 Alchemizing HR: Accelerating Workforce Readiness
    October 2021
    Date Event Type
    October 7 to October 9 Better Together Retreat Gulf Shores/Perdido Beach Conference
    October 12 to November 16 Workplace Inclusion Certificate Program (6 courses to chose from) Workshop
    October 14 Everything You Need to Know About Outplacement but Haven’t Had Time to Ask Meeting
    October 28 The Importance of Morals and Ethics in the Claims Industry and Beyond Meeting
    November 2021
    Date Event Type
    November 11 Retirement Benefits and Investments Meeting
    November 12 to December 14 SHRM Certification Test Application deadline 12/14/2021
    November 17 Rejuvenate HR: Preparing for What's Next & Sponsorship
    November 18 “5 Strategies for Leaders During the Great Resignation” sponsored by HRO-Partners. Meeting
    November 23 “Women and Wealth” sponsored by ARGI Meeting
    November 30 “Strategic Total Rewards” sponsored by Data Facts Meeting
    December 2021
    Date Event Type
    December 2 12/2/2021 Alchemizing HR: Helping Shape the Vision of the Future Organization Meeting
    December 9 Shoals Chapter Must RSVP Meet & Greet Food, Fun & Games Need Door Prizes Meeting
    December 9 Shoals SHRM Board Meeting - December 2021 Meeting
    December 14 Team Development: Re-boarding Hybrid Work with Hybrid Lives Meeting