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    Washington D.C Trip with the Shoals Chamber of Commerce

    Date: March 20-23, 2017
    Shoals Chamber of Commerce
    Washington DC
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    Please share this information about the trip with any of your groups/committees/friends!   It really will be an excellent trip with lots of great meetings (Aderholt, Shelby, Brooks, Sessions/whoever our second senator is at that time, the ARC, etc.)


    The pertinent information is as follows:



    We’ll be leaving from Huntsville on Tuesday, March 21st and returning on Thursday, March 23rd.


    Please use the link below or call 202-448-2081 and request the rate for “Shoals Chamber of Commerce” in order to book your room(s).



    Several of us will be traveling from Huntsville to DCA (Ronald Reagan) and back on the following flights (both nonstop):


    March 21, 2017 - American Airlines 5029 (10:15 AM – 12:58 PM)

    March 23, 2017 - American Airlines 5029 (8:35 AM – 9:43 AM)


    However, feel free to make your own arrangements if necessary.


    The itinerary cannot be finalized until we know who our second Senator will be, but I can tell you that our first event is a dinner with Rep. Aderholt on Tuesday evening.


    If you choose to make different arrangements, I would suggest arriving in D.C. no later than 2:00 PM in order to give you ample time to get to the hotel, freshen up for dinner, and travel to the restaurant.


    Wednesday will be a packed schedule culminating with a dinner with Senator Shelby. As soon as the itinerary is confirmed, I will get it to you.




    Caitlin Holland

    Vice President, Investor Relations & Public Policy

    Shoals Chamber of Commerce
    20 Hightower Place
    Florence, Alabama 35630
    (256) 764-4661

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