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    Date: September 9, 2020, 12:30pm
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    CLICK HER TO VIEW Shoals SHRM – Board Meeting

    Teams Webinar

    Meeting Minutes 9/9/2020

    Call To Order at

    Meeting was called to order at by Crystal Wilson 2:00 pm


    Crystal Wilson President, Christina Lewis Finance officer,  Kim LaFevor Legislative Officer, Meghan Fike, Administrator officer

    Committee Members Celena Grant, Mallory Watkins




    Call to order

    Board members Crystal Wilson President, Christina Lewis Finance officer, Kim LaFevor Legislative Officer, Meghan Fike Administrative Officer

    Committee Members

    CB&S Update for checking account

    Crystal & Christina received new debit card for chapter

    Legislative Update – Kim LaFevor


    A-Team member. You’re not obligated to anything, you’re just added to the roster to get legislative updates and information. If you want to sign up for more commitment, you can, but not required.

    Sign up here! Take Action Download the APP


    Legislative Update – Kim LaFevor


    Student Affairs – Chapter Advisors

    New student SHRM national rates increase in 2020 to $49

    Student Affairs – Matt Oglesby















    Student Affairs – Matt Oglesby

    Matt update on UNA student chapter:


    --Election of officers

    --Biweekly meetings on campus 

    --HR networking luncheons 

    --Company tours

    --Study Abroad

    --Students at February 2020 ALSHRM event

    --Students at each Shoals SHRM meeting --Student Chapter Logo and promotional materials working to complete

    Company tours Planning to tour other facilities

    Next student meeting

    UNA participated in the Case Competition February 13 & 14, 2019

    Matt asked if he did not spend all the $400 for 2019 could he roll over $100 for 2020

    The board approved to rollover $100 this would give him $850 for 2020 to use on student chapter events

    Income Statement/Finances-Christina Lewis




    Christina Lewis present the Income

    Statement for June 2020


    Previous Balance - $ 12,942.09

    Current Balance - $


    Keeping up with Jan 1 beginning and Dec 31 ending balance This is required for SHRM affiliation


    Speaker Fees $2000 Rob Shallenberger


    Shoals Scholar Dollars 2020


    Membership New (or previous members not on 2019 Roster) 12 Paid local membership plus 3 unpaid


    SHRM sent us an additional $200 for increasing membership



     Ordered new name badges $61.28


    Emily Beavers, Wendi Hester, Stacy McDonald, Pam Parker, Jacquelyn Allen, Danny Tully, Christa Jones, Celena Grant, Andrea Howell, Amy Jones, Colandra Nelson

    Jessica Sanderson, Thomas Upton (add to roster only Nicholas Conway, Nikki Regina Randolph, Amber Hammock not paid local due but is a SHRM national member we receive financial support for)


    College Relations – Budget

    Matt Oglesby UNA Student Chapter 2020-$850 Budget


    Kim LaFevor Student 2020- $250 Budget

    Sponsorship Info



    Paid Sponsorships

    --Athens State – (March 2020) workshop

    --Athens State-(August 2020) Conference

    SHRM Foundation Change


    New Fundraising website for chapters and state council

    Initiative - SHRM Foundation $Change$ -  we will continue to take up money each month

    Make SHRM Foundation $1000 October 2020


    Crystal Attended a webinar 9/8/2020 for Give Smart SHRM Foundation



    Membership Social Events

    Canceled until further notice

    Looking at setting up small social events throughout the year for 2020 Venue include the Marriott any other ideas (members and guest would pay for their food and drinks)



    Membership Roster


    Squareup-credit/debit card payment

    (charges a fee so you don’t receive the full amount of the payment) $3.93




    When requested submit Chapter Membership Roster to Tiffany Brown members must be SHRM National Members

    54 Previous Current members  

    11 New members Plus 3 unpaid=68 total

    Membership Costs Increase 2020

    January1 - December 31, 2020

    Membership –$50

    Package Deal –$125

    Guests $15.00

    Members $12.00

    Students $10.00


    This is required for SHRM affiliation



    Meeting Credits

    Crystal Wilson has been submitting certification credits for meetings and conferences.  HRCI & SHRM


    UNA/SHRM Certification Study Group 2020



    Completed in May 2020

    Each instructor must be SHRM Certified

    SHRM certification exam window is

    Instructors: Crystal Wilson, Ashley Butler, Rob Hildreth


    Promoting SHRM Certification This is required for SHRM affiliation

    Board Member Elections/Chapter Leader Information Form CLIF


    Survey Monkey sent out to all members in October 2020 regarding board member elections. 



    This is required for SHRM affiliation

    SHAPE -Completed


    SHAPE deadline is January 31, 2020 for our chapter initiatives. Completed

    Search for SHRM VLRC, may have to enter Shape in the search engine on the website for correct year 2019. 

    7-10 questions, Required for SHRM Affiliations

    Upcoming Board Meetings

    September 2020 & November/December Board Meeting 

    This is required for SHRM affiliation

    March, June, September November 2020

    SHRM Annual Conference 2021


    Promote SHRM Conference This is required for SHRM affiliation

    Communication Officer

    Allison Cole-Update, Social Medial, Flyers

    Board Member Perks

    Chapter will pay for Board members to attend UNA conference. if they chose to attend and there company will not pay

    President, President Elect/Vice/ Past President, Finance officer, Administrative officer, Communication officer, Legislative and Student Liaison board member



    Crystal has been sending out relevant webinars to the group

    Upcoming Meetings 2020


    Speakers Needed:


    January 2021-December 2021


    Speaker Ideas - 

    Labor Law Speaker


    HR Panel (3 or 4 people) with predetermined questions



    October 2020 Chapter Board member elections


    Thursday October 8, 2020  Webinar

    Breakfast Workshop 9:00 am – 12 pm

    – Rob Shallenberger - $1000


    Thursday November 12, 2020

    12 pm-1 pm  Safety

    Elizabeth ODonnell



    ?November 11-13 2020 Volunteer Leadership

    Washington DC TBA (President or

    President Elect must attend)


    Thursday December 10, 2020  ???

    Social Event   11 am-1 pm 

    Fun and Games – Game Ideas?? Door Prizes needed


    Need to work on 2021 Speakers


    ALSHRM State Conference May 4-5

    2021 Birmingham, AL